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Loreta Bilniskaite-Monie  was born in Lithuania at a time when freedom of expression and creativity were considered unacceptable by the state, raised by a strong independent mother, who had spent many years in Siberia exiled under the Stalin regime and influenced by her father a prominent Artist of his generation.


As times changed in Lithuania, she began cultivating her own interest in Art and Culture and started moving in the exciting world of young underground creatives in the capital city of Vilnius   all with the same desire for change, working to bring a new vision of freedom for Art, Fashion and Music to the country. Those years all played a decisive part in her own personal and artistic influences.


In 1992, encouraged by her family, she moved to London  to begin studying at London ,  St.Martins School of Art & Design, Fate brought her together with a then young designer designer Alexander McQueen, he pulled her into the London world of Fashion and she  spent the next few years working with names such as Vivien Westwood,  Abe Hamilton , Paul Smith, Betty Jackson as a fashion model, with a successful career firmly established  she featured in Music Videos, with artists such as George Michel, and the Pet Shop Boys, she deferred her place at St. Martins and became one of London's top models.


For Loreta fashion, music and art were from her early days in Lithuania  mediums that all intertwined and formed the foundations of her creative life but after 10 years as a model, in  early 2000 she decided to finally  take up her place at St. Martins,  London School of Art & Design, a highly respected and recognized school which would allow her to truly live and breath Art and Design and like many talented creatives and designer before her really help her to  master her technical skills and establish her work as an Artist.


Her degree Show in 2003, and her final year piece received much acclaim not only from her peers but with the British press, featuring in BBC news & Elle ( London) magazine.


 The story behind the peace was Greatness, roots, foundation, and strength and to achieve her interpretation of the most contemporary popular figure of the time David Beckham, an Iconic Symbol of hope and strength his image as a captain of England Football team in the world cup of 2002.


She traveled back to her own heritage and roots, to the family home in the small village of Svedasai , and with the help of her mother, aunt, and local women all who had through the generations before they learned the craft of traditional embroidery which had been passed down to them.  Loreta created a magnificent gold thread embroidered wall hanging covering 3mX3m, through this piece, Loreta brought Art and Tradition back to the center of her work.


In 2003 Loreta discovered the Middle East and moved to Dubai, her work and her interest in the region and its history, culture and tradition a perfect fit with her a place which has remained her home till this today.


She produced a Solo Show  at Third Line Gallery, Dubai  called Madafati ( Home away from Home ),  which focused again on the use of traditional embroidery and using the female jallabiya textile as a base of her work.  


With a great respect and admiration for Sheik Zayed she created a series of works to honor and acknowledge the countries leader and its heritage.


In addition, Loreta was Awarded recognition for her inspirational Mirrored  Camel , called ,, Dubai Dream’’ created for a charitable initiative ’’Camel Caravan'’ her piece voted the best in Dubai.


Loreta has continued to work both in the UAE and Internationally and today she is one of the most recognized names from Lithuania in her field.

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