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Bird of Passage


Loreta spent many summers with her grandfather in the forests of Svedasai ,  he was a man of great integrity and independence and lived a life of simplicity and traditions,  at one with nature and its beauty and yet cold winters brought harshness and a greater need for resilience all qualities which Loreta carried with her.


In later life she realized her early experience and exposure was similar to the Bedouin in the desert,  no running water  and food cooked on a wood fire, surrounded during her visits  by nature,  her return to the city after her summers so different from what she experienced with her grandfather, opened her mind and thoughts to looking at the world in a different way.

She has carried with her those memories and traditions throughout her life.  A point of reference for her creativity and everyday life,


 Loreta's life has taken her to move in many different circles, fame, wealth and sophistication,  yet she has always kept herself grounded in the reality of her heritage, never forgetting her roots.


The images which form the ,, Bird of Passage’’ Exhibition mirrors her interpretation of how she fits into wherever she goes, Loreta always is guided by her strong passion for respecting and becoming part of  her environment wherever that may be, glamour, traditional costumes, and interpretation all key elements in what is a timeless reportage. 


 Through her self-portraits and her collaboration with her niece Ruta Jurkuvenaite-Plumer the story of how she fits in the Middle East, in France, Lithuania which is all places she has strong roots and connection at the forefront of this exhibition.

Photographer: Vytas Juozenas, Ruta Jurkuvenaite-Plumer

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