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Play@ Tashkeel                                                                      2019



Loreta Bilinskaite-Monie Loreta Bilniskaite-Monie was born in Lithuania and studied at Central Saint Martins School - University of the Arts London. She moved to Dubai in 2003 and is constantly inspired by the traditions and cultures of the Middle East and has participated in several exhibitions and initiatives, including solo presentations 'Madafati (Home Away from Home (The Third Line, 2010) and Downtown Design Dubai 2018. "This work is a playful take on dressing up in one's 'Sunday Best', a strong convention in the artist's native Lithuania that offers a chance to step away from the daily grind of village life. This very staged, stylised image is an interpretation of her memories of Lithuanian national traditions and dress, where dancers often hold their skirts wide. The artist wears clothes and accessories sourced and made entirely in Dubai's Satwa district; a lively collection of fabric shops, tailors and displays full of replica fashion. Here, bold fabrics, headscarves, floral hair pieces and vivid prints create a look that is typically Lithuanian yet embraces many Emirati aspects such as the trousers worn under the skirt ('sarwal'). Playing with fashion, memories, culture and colour, this work is part of an ongoing series that reflects the artist's experiences.

Photo by Ruta Plummer

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