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Tarboosh Tales
Dubai  Design  Week 2019


Have you ever wondered what the tie-like tassel hanging at the neck of the Emirati men’s Kandura was? The Tassel, or Tarboosh as it is known locally, is part of a beautiful tradition dating back to when the nomadic Bedouins traveled across the deserts of Arabia. Wives and mothers would create Tarabeech, the plural of Tarboosh, to serve as fragrant diffusers, dipped in perfume, so that their husbands and sons would have a beautiful scent around them that reminded them of home.


To preserve this wonderful piece of our heritage, Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts has collaborated with Loreta Bilinskaite- Monie, a Lithuanian Artist inspired by Emirati culture, to create contemporary interpretations of the Tarboosh.

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